I first picked up a camera when I discovered my father's SLR—a beautiful, leather-cased machine that made a satisfying ka-chik every time I clicked the shutter. Unfortunately, being only six years old at the time, I eventually lost interest and didn't rediscover photography until 30 years later, when I bought my first Nikon on a whim. I've never looked back. When I peer through my lens and search for that decisive moment, I become hyper-aware of photography's ability to reveal the beauty that surrounds us, but which we often don't notice as we rush about our day. It's this facet of photography that informs my images. With an emphasis on emotion over pixels, and story over the staged tableau, my work is ultimately about the fleeting, unguarded moments when our true selves are revealed in the best possible light.




"Ismael was a complete delight as our wedding photographer. From a logistical perspective, he was professional, communicative, and easy to work with. From an interpersonal perspective, he meshed well with the group and put everyone at ease—so important when members of your group aren't completely comfortable with being photographed. And finally, from an artistic perspective, Ismael took beautiful photos that were unique and accurately portrayed the characters in our wedding. His photography is dynamic and captures individuality, rather than trying to make subjects look "perfect." We could not imagine a better use of our money, and are so pleased with the memories Ismael preserved for us."—Kate Flinner


"Ismael is amazing! He's so friendly and easy to work with: you have a conversation about what you're looking for, and he delivers. Whether he's taking candid shots or not, Ish has a knack for catching folks in their best moments. He's the first person I think of when I need a photographer or videographer, and I refer him to all of my friends because I know that they'll be absolutely thrilled with the results. Seriously, hire this guy - you'll regret it if you don't!"—Melissa Cohen, former organizer of Blues Dance New York

"I was anxious initially as I am not used to having my photo taken nor being the center of attention. Ismael was able to create a comfortable environment for me and thankfully I was able to feel at ease. The collaboration in determining the setting, poses etc., continued to further put me at ease. He was attentive and provided instructions in a very kind and professional manner. I appreciated the variety of backgrounds provided in order to create ideal photographs. His enthusiasm during the session was infectious. I couldn’t help but feel fabulous, amazing, and I was all smiles. Overall, I had a wonderful time with Ismael and I enjoyed this new experience. I will absolutely recommend him to friends and family."—Shirley Obioha

"Ismael is professional, calm, and intuitive, and an all-around amazing photographer. He had a strategy for the day and great suggestions as to what should be captured, while always incorporating our style into the day. His photography is beautiful, realistic, and artistic. We love the images that he captured of our wedding, and get joy every time we look at them. We still receive compliments from our friends and family about his beautiful images."—Tina Micic


"Thank you so much, Ismael Fernandez. It was a sheer pleasure working with you. You always knew the correct angles, and scenes to bring out the best in me."—Krishna Gadia

"Very often an artist would exhibit a photograph that is well executed yet isn't particularly complimentary to the subject. Ismael Fernandez isn't such an artist. He truly cares about the people his photographs depict and it only enhances the overall effect. Spectacular!" —Katya Shubova, tango dancer


"Ismael Fernandez is a true genius behind the camera. He has amazing style, vision, and is so technically on point! His photos of dancers and our scene is second to none. We owe him so much! Thanks Ish!"—Shawn Knisely, blues dancer 

"A beautiful artist with a sense of time and place and a keen eye for capturing the most evanescent art of all— the art of the dance and the dance of relationship."—Judith Rose, dancer and founder of Vital Movement™