FULL SESSION      $200

Includes 90 minutes of shooting and ten fully retouched images. Additional images available for $8 each.


What to expect

  • 90-minutes of shooting

We can shoot in a studio, on location, or both, depending on your needs. If on location, any permit fees are NOT included in the cost. There’s no limit on “looks,” but I suggest keeping it down to three or four, since changing outfits eats up a lot of time. I'll guide you through some poses, but the emphasis will be on collaboration and a relaxed atmosphere to nail the look you want.

  • 48-hour turnaround time

Low-res versions of your images—aside from obvious rejects such as out-of-focus shots and photos with your eyes closed—will be uploaded to a private online gallery within two days. We generally end up with at least 40 good shots. Though lightly processed, these aren’t final images, and are just so you can choose which ones you want to go with. I’ll also let you know which ones I think are the strongest. 

  • Eight fully retouched images

Once you’ve made your final selection, I’ll do a full retouch of your choices and upload them to your gallery by 6:00pm the next day. I keep a light touch when processing (please check out my gallery to see my style) to make the image look as clean and natural as possible, but am happy to work with any special requests you may have. Eight headshots are included in your session fee; if you’d like more, there’s an $8 charge per additional image. 

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A 45-minute session—either in the studio or on location—and two fully retouched images. Additional images are $8 each. One-day turnaround. 

This is just like the FULL SESSION, but short and sweet! Ideal if you just need to match your company's existing look or if you're short on time and need a headshot ASAP. Discounts don't apply. 

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